A special 2022, New Year’s tastings comparing Château-Fuissé 2017 vintages of “Les Brûlés” Château-Fuissé and Château-Fuissé Tête de Cuvée.

On a blind tasting these were my observations:

  • Visually – I was correct in selecting Les Brulés based on the deeper gold colour.
  • Aroma – I was correct in selecting Les Brulés as it was more intense.
  • Alcohol Level – I was correct in choosing Les Brulés as the higher content.
  • Taste – I went against my instinct and went to what I preferred, and I was wrong. I had chosen the Cuvée as being the more expensive wine as it had more finesse, and the Les Brulés was very much oak driven. On the winery’s website, Les Brulés’ vinification is in new oak barrels vs the Cuvée is 60% oak barrels & 40% is in vats.
  • Lesson – Go on your instincts.

Les Brûlés: Score 90/100

$63 KYD, Bought at Jacques Scott, Cayman Islands

Deep gold in colour, medium+ intense nose, soft tannin and long length. Taste: Lemon drops, pineapple, Jonagold apples, ginger, oak spice & crushed stone.

Tête de Cuvée: Score 92/100

$45 KYD Bought at Jacques Scott, Cayman Islands

Gold in colour, medium intense nose and long length. Taste: Lemon, Jonagold apples, honeydew melon, pineapple, ginger, dill, oak spice & limestone.