Cost: $23.99 CI
Grape: Glera, Pinot Nero
Category: Sparkling Wine
Location: Jacques Scott, Cayman Islands
Country: Italy
Region: North-East Italy
Format: 750 mL
Producer: Torresella
Alcohol: 11.5% Alcohol/Vol.

An excellent wine to pair with Asian foods. Score: 90/100

Tasting Note: Pale copper in colour with good acidity, a low intense nose & a good length on the finish. This wine features: Strawberry, tangerine, Pink Lady apples & spun sugar.

Negatives: None

Interesting Point: “The glera off the skins for 7–8 days at a temperature of 16 °C, and the pinot nero on the skins for 6–7 days. The cuvée is assembled just before second fermentation and the percentage of pinot nero may vary from 10 to 15% depending on the vintage. The second fermentation and subsequent resting on the lees require at least 60 days in order to obtain a fine, persistent bead and more stable colour over time.” (Winery)

Pairings: Drink this now or in 2-3 years on its own or pair it with Bibimbap Bulgogi beef, marinated shitake mushrooms, carrots, cucumber, cabbage, topped with a sunny side egg.

My Opinion: Recommended

Best Buy

Tasted: June 14, 2022