Cost: $13.95
Grape: 40% Alfrocheiro, 40% Roriz Ink, 20% National Touriga
Category: Red Wine
Location: LCBO Vintages
Country: Portugal
Region: Dão
Format: 750 mL
Producer: Cabriz
Alcohol: 13% Alcohol/Vol.

There are quality inexpensive wines vs sweet red inexpensive wines, and this is the former. If this were a Canadian or American wine you would have it priced $20 to $25

Positives: A nice array of black cherries, plums, raspberries, spices & dark chocolates. Nicely balanced between the oak, fruit and acidity.

Negatives: None

Ageability: Drink now or in the next 3-5 years.

Amazing and Best Buy

My Opinion: Highly Recommended

Tasted: February 19, 2018

LCBO: 247973