Magnotta Chard

Cost: $13.15
Grape Variety: Chardonnay
Category: White wine
Location Bought: Magnotta
Country: Canada
Region: Niagara Peninsula
Format: 750 mL
Producer: Magnotta Winery
Alcohol: 13.1% Alcohol/Vol.
Description: Bright gold in colour with a medium intense nose.

Impressive on the quality for the price

Positives: This wine features light toasted oak, mild creamy butter with lemon/lime, pineapple, peach, melon and grapefruit. Medium+ body with good acidity & a fairly long length.

Negatives: None

Interesting Note: Tried with the larger new world Chard glass, which had a sour note in the back of the tongue, but the smaller cooler climate Chard glass didn’t which provided a better drinking experience

Drink now or in the next couple of years on its own or and pair it with lobster and drawn butter.

Tasted: 17 June 2014

Best Buy

Score: 8.5+/10, Value: 9/10, Total: 18/20

Out of 5 stars, I rated this wine: 3.5+