This annual affair is a great way for Torontonians to taste and buy wines from some of the Prince Edward County (PEC) wineries without doing the 2 1/2hr drive, and they offer free delivery! I was able to try some wines from their wineries for the first time, and tried some of my old favourites (Closson Chase and Norman Hardie) although I was disappointed that Norm only had 2 wines to show, but he did give me a good reason, just can’t remember it now. I really need to use the spittoon more. During this tasting some wines impressed me, some did not. So what were the positives and negatives at this event?


-There were two wineries with white wines that displayed volatile notes.

-Didn’t find any quality sparkling wines or reds outside the standard Pinot Noirs that PEC is becoming well known for.

-There were several wines that I felt were over priced for the quality.


-Closs Chase had the best white in their 2011 Loyalist Chardonnay, but it’s only available to restaurants, so keep an eye out for it when you dine out. Their 2010 Pinot took best red, but at $40 it’s pricey, and needs time to decant before serving.

-Keint-He 2011 Portage Pinot Noir took best buy red at $25.

-Best overall winery for their quality that had more than 3 different varieties to offer customers went to Exultet Estates. In particular, their 2011 The Blessed Chardonnay & the 2012 White Light Chardonnay. Honourable mention went to Stanners Vineyard, a really nice 2010 Pinot Noir, and Lighthall’s 2010 Chardonnay.

-Most unique & intriguing wine had to be Exultet Estates 2012 Mysterium Pinot Noir. Why? Because it’s a white wine.

Overall, a great time. Lots of people attended which was nice to see. It was held in an old church at 315 Queen St E, which I took pictures and included them below. Finally, need to thank the caterers for their great finger foods that went well with the wines and WineAlign for promoting it. See you next year!

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