I visited the Colaneri winery on Friday 7th October 2011, and was shown around by Tara Colaneri, daughter of Mike Colaneri. The experience was very moving for me as the winery is based on romantic values, family, friendship & good wine. Most of their wine labels have a story to tell, some even moved me to tear up, especially the story behind Tara’s label, which is reviewed.

Colaneri is a young winery to Ontario, but Tara’s grandparents used to sell the grapes to make juice and jams. Visit their website to view their family history.Owners-The Colaneri Family
Winemaker’s name-Andrzej Lipinski
First Crop- 2008
First Bottled-2010
Retail store opened-2010

The first thing you notice when you approach the winery is the large Tuscan villa rising above the grape fields. A beautiful piece of architecture that carries through to the interior, albeit it will not be completely finished for probably another two years. They have a bell tower that was rung when I was there for a couple on their anniversary symbolizing good luck. Even though there is construction, the winery is open for the public to sample their award winning wines.

Tara with Her Award Winning Gold Medal Riesling Wine

Once the interior is finished it will truly be a magnificent & unique place to visit. In regards to their wines that I tasted, they were all very good.  Their winemaker, Andrzej Lipinski, has done an exquisite job making delicious wines.

Tara in the Wine Cellar

Me Enjoying a Glass of Wine in their Wine Cellar

Once again, I would like to thank Tara for her hospitality and making me feel part of the family.

Tara and I in the Wine Cellar