Cost: $25.00

Grape Variety: Pinot Grigio
Category: White Wine
Appellation: Winery
Country: Canada
Region: Niagara Peninsula
Format: 750 mL
Producer:  Colaneri Winery
Alcohol: 13.9% Alcohol/Vol.

Description: A beautiful copper colour with medium intensity on the nose. 

Positives: This is in the Alsatian style with honeysuckle, orange rind, grapefruit, pear and peach on the nose. The taste has a wonderful oiliness to it along with peach, pear, orange, pink grapefruit, limestone and apples.  

Negatives: None 

Interesting Points:

  • This wine won gold at Intervin
  • This is Tara’s mom’s wine (Angiolina)
  • The wine is barrel aged in new and old oak for 9 months Appassimento style
  • Cavallone means horse in Italian. Tara’s grandmother gave her mother that nickname when she was little, which meant in Italian that they were strong and free spirited. The little children on the horse is Tara holding onto her mother not to let to go, and her brother, Michael, pointing to the sky telling her that she is in heaven but saying that she is with them here. The rock on the lower right hand corner represents Tara’s father, who is the rock. 

Best Buy

Tasted: 7 Oct 2011 

Score: 9.5/10, Value: 9/10, Total: 18.5/20

Out of 5 stars, I rated this wine 4.5