This is my first foray into reviewing wineries. I would like to thank Peter Rod, Sommelier at 13th Street for setting everything up and the owner, Karen Whitty, for her hospitality.
                Peter in the Garden

A word of caution in attending this winery: If you think that you can fully appreciate everything they have to offer in an hour or two, that’s not going to happen. There is too much to experience here, from the tasting of the wines, to pairing of the wines with their selection of cheeses and meats, visiting the bakery and just walking around the grounds. They encourage people to stay awhile to enjoy the ambiance with wine and food while on the property. They have picnic tables as well as tables & chairs around the wine tasting house so you can sit, relax, drink and eat at your own pace. Inside the tasting house you will find more than just wine and cheese, but also art work. They have beautiful paintings and pictures from local artist as well as jewellery, and other art works. Outside you will continue with your experience in viewing larger pieces of art.


                      Gallery Room
The Gallery Room Set Up For Wine Tastings
                      The Grounds


The bakery is an artwork itself. Besides the novelties that they have for sale, the food looks amazing. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to eat there, but it looked extremely enticing. Karen gave me some heirloom tomatoes and blackberries that were just delicious. I will definitely go back and try their butternut soup and flat bread pizza.

Karen Welcomes You to the Bakery

I tasted 7 wines that Peter provided for me, and all were good, some better than others. My full review is posted below. Winemaker Jean Pierre Colas has done an impressive job making wines that are for the most part drinkable now, both food friendly or to be drank on their own.

Me in the Blackberry Orchard

The only downside that I found here was that they are not open on Sundays. The owners and their staff work long hard hours during the week and due to their religious beliefs, they put their values ahead of business. Kudos for them.

This Winery is highly recommended.