Cost: $19.95
Grape Variety: Pinot Noir
Category: Rosé Wine
Appellation: Closson Chase Winery
Country: Canada
Region: Prince Edward County
Format: 750 mL
Producer:  Closson Chase
Alcohol: 12% Alcohol/Vol.

Description: Salmon in colour with medium+ nose intensity. The nose shows Provence characteristics of strawberry, rhubarb, minerality and cherry. The taste is dry, medium+ acidity, light tannins, medium length, light+ body and balanced. The taste is like the nose. As this is unfiltered, and personally I don’t recall drinking an unfiltered Rosé, you will find sediment at the end of the bottle so decant first. This wine went perfect with French cut pork chops stuffed with Mozzarella and sundried tomatoes on a BBQ. Truly yummy. Unfortunately, this wine is sold at the winery only.

Tasted: 30 June 2011

Score: 9/10, Value: 8.5/10, Total: 17.5 /20

Out of 5 stars, I rated this wine 4